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“Living with the peatlands, immersing ourselves in their spongey waters [...] is an open invitation to collaborate and heal across generations, species, disciplines, territories, and cultures.”


CM2 (Camila Marambio and Carla Macchiavello Cornejo), Turba Tol Hol-Hol The Book, 2023

In the spirit of the Venice Agreement, in collaboration with partners Ensayos and Wildlife Conservation Society Chile and with the generous support of the Andrea von Braun Foundation, the Sensing Peat art and research network involves local artists, scientists, activists, indigenous community members and grassroot initiatives who see themselves as guardians of their peatlands. Above all, it intensifies the exchange among these participants and collaborators, and it brings visual art and peatland conservation closer together, linking artistic narratives with ecological and scientific questions.  

From 2023 onwards, we aim to create a nomadic platform that programmatically develops methods of collective learning, being-in-motion, pausing, resisting, and restoring – and is dedicated to pluralizing cultural and artistic perspectives. The network’s modus operandi is collective, transformative, sustainable, and emancipatory, dedicated to the development and nourishment of eco-fictional and eco-aesthetic practices around peatlands.

The newly founded Sensing Peat art and research network by the Michael Succow Foundation / Greifswald Mire Centre takes up the momentum of the international Venice Agreement from 2022 for the worldwide protection of peatlands and develops a follow-up global network together with its partners and supporters. Following the Paris Agreement, an international treaty on climate change, the Venice Agreement draws attention to the preservation and restoration of peatlands for the benefit of the climate.


Meet the dynamic individuals shaping our vision and who create a new, trans-territorial horizon of political and cultural imagination. Explore our dedicated team’s profiles.


The Sensing Peat art and research network, embracing artistic knowledge, local experience, and scientific expertise, unites local artists, scientists, activists, indigenous community members, and grassroots initiatives to exchange experiential and research knowledge for the global and local protection of peatlands.

Venice Agreement

On World Peatland Day, June 2nd, 2022, The Venice Agreement, a declaration emphasizing the vital role of local initiatives and communities in global peatland protection, was ceremoniously signed and presented in Venice by peatland enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds worldwide.

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