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The Sensing Peat art and research network is committed to protecting peatlands globally and locally by taking artistic knowledge, local experience, and scientific expertise into account.

The network involves local artists, scientists, activists, indigenous community members and grassroot initiatives who seek to exchange their experiential and research knowledge and whose practices are essential to activating the protection of peatlands. Beyond this, our network’s actors want to change outdated perceptions of peatlands by bringing artistic, scientific and activist knowledge and narratives to the fore. 


The Sensing Peat network programmatically develops methods of collective learning, pluralization, being in motion together, pausing, resisting, and preserving – and is dedicated to pluralizing cultural perspectives and artistic approaches on peatlands in the context of current social and ecological developments. We seek to establish forms of practices that emerge from our actors, partners and participants and simultaneously feed back into our growing network as an evolving body of collective knowledge. The Sensing Peat network’s goal is to integrate cultural knowledge into local conservation work and to create a new, trans-territorial horizon of political and cultural imagination. Please get in touch and become a part of our community!

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