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PEAT PLANTS: More-Than-Human Affairs and Spirits

“Peat Plants: More-Than-Human Affairs and Spirits” explores the relationships between humans and other life forms. This multidisciplinary inquiry delves into non-human agency within the scope of archaeological deep time, revealing peatlands as dynamic repositories of knowledge and intra-active agents. Situated within the paradigm of the vegetal turn, this discourse accentuates the vitality and agency inherent in plant life. Rooted in the principles of ecological artistic research, this exploration serves as a strategic tool for comprehending and navigating the connections between humanity and the vegetal realm. Consequently, it fosters a reevaluation of our cohabitation with peat plants, encouraging a nuanced understanding of these ecosystems.


Am Ryck

Juliane Tübke and Alison Darby 

Am Ryck

In their duo exhibition Am Ryck, artists Juliane Tübke and Alison Darby explore innovative ways to draw attention to the significance of peatland landscapes from June 16 – Sept 15, 2024.


I want to be a swamp

Yolanda Morales 

I want to be a swamp

Mexican choreographer Yolanda Morales and her international team imagine a natural scenario on stage and become masters of ceremony from March 20-24, 2024.

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